Pinguino IDE v11.0 preview

The new Pinguino IDE version (11.0) has not been yet officially released but it’s time to let you take a look at it. Please meet Yeison’s great work on our new github account.
Let’s make 2014 the Pinguino year !

First version of the Pinguino Web IDE soon available

Niki works hard to release the first version of the Pinguino Web IDE. Here’s the current feature list:

o Supports loading, syntax highlighting & snippets in 20 languages (Pinguino, C/C++, CSS, HTML, Javascript, JSON, Perl, PHP, Python, SVG, Text, XML, SH, AsciiDoc, Powershell, Makefile, Java, INI’s, Diff & Coffee script) so that you can use it as your main programmers editor.
o Editor runs around 100% faster than Python IDE version. – Compiles 2-3x faster.
o Auto-complete available from first entered character
o Split editor views (horizontal & vertical)
o View diffs of your source code before saving.
o Select from 24 Pinguino P8 & P32 boards
o View colour-coded hex files

As this is web based, Niki have added some tools to this IDE. Support tools include:

o Serial terminal using configuration profiles. You can choose start bits, data bits, stop bits, baud rates and view data in one of 6 modes:
2. Decimal values
3. Hex values
4. Binary values
5. Octal values
6. Combo – everything above on one line per character

o Image to Raw converter. Convert any supported (by Chrome) image to various graphical display formats, including:
1. 32bpp (RGBA or ARGB)
2. 24bpp (No alpha)
3. 18bpp
4. 16bpp
5. 8bpp (various formats)
6. 1bpp (for monochrome displays)

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sac longchampo Number-base converter – convert between decimal, hex, binary & octalStill to do:o Bootloaders / ICSP
o Session support

Due to a few features, this requires Chrome v34 which is currently the Canary build. Chrome 34 should be out to the general public around January 15th, so Niki will try to have the first version of the Web IDE ready for this!

Bootloaders news

Want some good news about bootloaders ?
– 8-bit Pinguino : version 5 of the bootloader is on its way (thanks to André, France) and it will be a HID bootloader based on the actual bootloader (v4.x).
– 32-bit Pinguino : version 1 of the Pinguino bootloader is also on its way (thanks to Andrej, Croatia) and it will be a compact and open source bootloader.

The World’s First 32-bit Kit available to pre-order

Pinguino Electronic Kits are the best way to learn about both electronics as well as embedded software. It’s a good way to feel the fun and thrill of making your own electronic device. This time we shifted from quite easy to comprehend applications to a more sophisticated and powerful digital device.

Please meet the powerful Pinguino 32MX250 now available to pre-order on the Pinguino Shop.

8-bit lovers would also appreciate the Pinguino 47J53B, one of our most attractive boards, now also available to pre-order.

Please, spread the word.

4.13 : new 8-bit bootloader version

The 8-bit Pinguino USB bootloader has been updated to version 4.13 and is fully supported by the latest Pinguino IDE X.4 (rev >= 926).
This new bootloader improves the writing of programs bigger than 64K (only useful for people with a 27J53 or 47J53 Pinguino) and fixed a bug in the interrupt process management.
As usual, .hex files are available here and in the extra/bootloaders/8bit directory of the Pinguino IDE.

4.12 : new 8-bit USB bootloader version

8-bit Pinguino USB bootloader has been updated to version 4.12 with among others, reset source detection. Please note that the bootloader behaves now differently from previous versions :

  • The user application starts without any delay on Power-on Reset
  • The bootloader starts only if Reset button has been pressed
  • The bootloader mode stays on until a program has been uploaded
  • the led blinks at high frequency

All .hex files are available on the SVN server.


4.10 : New Bootloader Version

8-bit Pinguino Bootloader has been updated to support PIC18F47j53 family. Some minor bugs have also been fixed. All hex are available at :
8-bit :
32-bit :