Tiny 4550 on a proto-board

This is the last design of tiny pinguino 4550 on a proto-board.

It was drawn with Inkscape:

You must cut the tracks marked with a red point.
I used this home made tool to do this:

Now you can sold components and wires. The 18F4550 must be mounted on a suport.

This version offers the same functionalities as the PCB version.

The booloader V2 must be used with this design.

Last upgrade 29/09/2009: Cutting points were modified, thanks to André.

18F4550 schematic

Pinguino 18F4550 is now defined. This is a tiny version USB powered. The run switch disappeared and 29 I/O are available. 8 analogic inputs.
Linux and windows version will be soon available and the KICAD PCB is in test.

Schematic upgraded. The last was buggy, led on pin 6 must be connected to Vcc because RA4 is an open collector output. Kicad board is OK. Thanks to walter for info.