Pinguino Contest is Open

Hi Guys,

Pinguino contest is open !!

This contest was initiated by ARDE and Boops.

We are pleased to announce that Microchip is sponsoring this contest. So, if you want to be the winner, you need now to fill in the form to join all the competitors.

What can you win ?

First prize: the best !!

PicKit3 programmer
Pinguino 2550 ARDE on a breadboard
GPS development board

3 blank 18F4550

Second prize the best optimisation !!

Pinguino 2550 ARDE

Solar cell 5V 250 mAH
3 blank 18F4550
3 blank 18F2550

Third prize: Special prize of the jury !!

Pinguino 2550 ARDE

3 blank 18F2550

Everybody can join us for this challenge. More info will be published soon on
For spanish translation and complete rules of the contest, please visit this link.

Have fun !!

Pinguino Contest

Yet another event organised by ARDE and Boops. This spanish robotic association is very active and want to boost the development of Pinguino.
A Pinguino Contest is now open !!
If you plan to build a nice robot or drive your home with a Pinguino, it’s time to fill the form on boops website.

The contest rules are in spanish but will be soon translated to english.

Boops blog with complete rules

Graphic LCD on Pinguino

Marcus, the king of display, made this’ arduino compatible’ library for Pinguino.
This library, managed by the library user tool of beta 9, can display pictures and text with a lot of different fonts.
I plan to incorporate it in beta 9-02. The development is very fast now and it’s time to launch new release more often.

See all Marcus work on his website.

NEWS from PinguinoVE

Hi Guys,

Today i received a lot of good news from Joan Espinosa. This Venezuelian guy is very active and work around Free software, Free hardware and of course Pinguino. Do you remember that Joan initiated the first version of the multi-langage IDE ?
Now Joan and his team have a lot of projects around Pinguino. They are testing a .deb package and i will give you the link when it will be ready for testing.
PinguinoVE has now its own website:
And this is his Picasa album where you can see the team PinguinoVE:

Nice to have news of you Joan, tell us when this Deb package is ready !!