XC8 and Pinguino 16F1459 preview

The next release of the Pinguino IDE supports the XC8 compiler.
It is now possible to use either SDCC or XC8 for all your 8-bit projects.
The Microchip’s compiler supports both PIC18F and PIC16F family so I also added PIC16F1459 support to the Pinguino IDE.
This little 20-pin chip is one of the most powerful CPU of the 16F family, with among others, a full-speed USB module and the ability to run it from its very stable internal oscillator.
Here is a video showing this chip, featured with the very last version of the Pinguino USB bootloader (only 1280 bytes, giving 6912 bytes free for little projects), driving 3 MAX7219 display drivers and their attached 8×8 Led-Matrix. I used Pinguino LedControl and SPI libraries to scroll the text.

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Pinguino IDE v12 + #Pinguino #16F1459

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