Pinguino beta 3 Windows

How to install Pinguino on Windows:

– download and install Python 2.5.2
– download and install wxpython 2.8
– download and install pyusb
– download and install libusb-win32

sometimes, libusb need to be installed again to work fine.

download the Microchip modified driver on hackinglab
Extract the driver in a new folder.
Connect your pinguino and when windows ask for a driver, select the driver folder.

Download Pinguino Last Release

extract pinguino in a new folder, go to the folder and right click on Pinguino
then click on launch with and select python

6 thoughts on “Pinguino beta 3 Windows”

  1. Hello!

    First thanks for all of the development.

    I’m trying to use one generic 2550 board with the pinguino but it don’t work. I try in Windows XP and Ubuntu 8.04. I also try the rules for ubuntu 8.10.

    Exist any support forum or community?

    Thanks 😀
    BoOpS –

    PD: The board used is the LCD2550 who have in my blog.

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for using Pinguino and hope it will be useful for you.

    Your generic card works.

    First program the 2550 with the bootloader. Hex file for the booloader is on
    I think your card has a 20 Mhz crystal.

    Second put a pull-up resistor beetween Vcc and RA4 ( Pin 5 ) and a NO switch beetween RA4 and ground. This switch will be the Run switch.

    All is ready now.
    Reset the Pic,
    Download the program with the IDE,
    push the run button.

    it blinks ?

    Jean-Pierre Mandon

  3. Hi 😀

    Thanks again for the project it’s great 😀

    My error was put the resistor to GND (a pinout error) I have change it and work propely:D

    Excuse me repeat… have any comunity, forum or wiki? I want to help with the project.

    Tomorrow I go to write a post in my blog with the conversión to Pinguino.


  4. Hello,
    I’ve just tried your projet under Windows XP and It works perfectly ! 😉
    However, I would like to mention that to avoid the problem “pic not found !!” while trying to upload a hex file generated with the environnement you need to proceed as Follow (once your board is ready):
    1/ download and install Python
    2/ download and install wxPython
    3/ download and install PyUSB
    4/ download and uncompress the driver
    5/ Connect you board and configure it with the driver
    7/ Download and uncompress Pinguino

    Doing like this will prevent you from the “pic not found” issue !
    Then, Enjoy ;-))

  5. Thanks JC for this step by step description of the windows installation.
    Sometimes, it is necessary to install libusb-win32 before pyusb and sometimes it must be installed after.
    I haven’t yet understood why, but a simple solution is to re-install libusb-win32 if the board is not found.

    Have fun


  6. Hola no e logrado instalar pingüino con Windows xp profesional ,el problema es que no me deja instalar el drive en cambio me instala xp uno automáticamente libusb0.sys cuando lo quiero remplazar por el driver en esta pagina Windows me dice que ya esta instalado el mejor driver para este dispositivo la pregunta es cual podría ser mi problema ¿¿? ( Ya e modificado las líneas que mencionas del driver)
    Por favor ayúdenme

    Hello and not able to install Windows XP Professional penguin ,the problem is that will not let me install the drive I installed xp instead libusb0.sys (USB\VID_0000&PID_0000\5&1536627B&0&1)
    one automatically when I want to replace the Windows driver on this page tells me I already installed the best driver for this device is the question which might be my problem ¿? (Ya and changed the lines that mention the driver)
    Please help me

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