Pinguino at high-school in Argentina

Leonardo is a teacher in a high-school located in Trelew, province of Chubut, Argentina (just for the small history it is truly close to real Penguins, Trelew is close to Punta Tombo also called “paradise of the penguins”).

Pinguino Trelew Preview

He has been working on a Pinguino board based on the PIC18F4550 with pedagogical purposes. The idea is to build an ecosystem around the Pinguino environment, with shield/capes and everything needed to quickly setup and run complex systems.

Pinguino Trelew prototype

The design was intended to be built by students or hobbyist with some knowledge in electronics, and for that reason the PCB is single side, all thru-hole, to simplify manufacturing.

Here is a little video of the Pinguino project deployed in Leonardo’s classroom :

Great work guys ! Keep on the good work.

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