Pinguino is making PICs more accessible and productive to work with

Here is what Ian thinks about Pinguino :

Although it is interesting and useful to learn all the fine details of making things work, I often wished I could just focus just testing an idea, not on jumping the hurdles.

I was envious of the easier path Arduino owners had. Now I found Pinguino and I am impressed with the project as a whole.

Pinguino is doing a fantastic job of making PICs more accessible and productive to work with.

I have used PICkit / MPLAB a fair amount. I thought the self-assembly kit was a convenient way to get the components with a nice PCB at a very reasonable price, but that I would stick with PICkit / MPLAB.

However the IDE and libraries are easier to engage with, at least for people who do not already have the expertise and a body of code to serve their needs.

Now I have seen how much more productive your system can be, I will use it whenever I can. OK, there are snags to resolve, but it is easy to see the big picture and forgive those.

Since I have done much more with my PIC than I would have achieved in the same time without your system. So congratulations and best wishes. You are doing a great thing here.