#Pinguino has now it’s own (DIY) debugger

Most Pinguino boards does not have displays so debugging programs is not as easy as it could be in a real PC environment. There are also some situations where you cannot simply add breakpoints to you code and view them in your IDE because you cannot stop the program flow (real time decoding of a data stream cannot be stopped to see what happens at a certain point of the code).

One simple thing that could be done is to put along the program flow some two-digit codes as a flag evidence and pass them to an external device that would display them. So you will know where you are in the program flow and what branch is being executed. This was the original idea behind Fabio’s project.

In his article Fabio shows you the complete development and building from scratch of his tiny debugger. The aim of this project is to explain to students and hobbyists a working method that can lead from ideas to a real working device.