Susanne from Germany has started a nice project she calls AquaPinguino.
She has built a system with automatic monitoring and control of every major water and lighting factors for her seawater aquarium.
She made a double side board controlled by a Pinguino32 Micro with relays on one side to control lights and mosfets on the other side for pump flow regulation.
At the moment the LED-light can only be turned on and off for day/night simulation but Susanne has also planned to simulate sunrise/sunset and maybe lunar-phase.
Pinguino’s PWM can drive up to four 12V pumps. One is for water level regulation and pumps demineralised water from a canister into the aquarium. The other ones can simulate waves, streams and also basic high/low tide.
Next step will be to add temperature control to drive air fans in order to cool water in the summer season. She also plans to add alarms for water level control and redox potential sensor to regulate a calcium reactor.
All information are displayed on her self-made “console terminal” with 6 buttons and a 16×1 LCD display.
Bravo !