Pinguino 26J50 !!

A new 8 bit board is available with full support in the last SVN revision. Regis and André published their work this week and made a lot of work to incorporate it in Pinguino IDE.
This board uses a 18F26J50 and a new bootloader rewritten from scratch and based on the DIOLAN Bootloader.
18F26J50 is a 8 bits PIC with many features:

  • 64 kbytes
  • 3800 bytes of RAM
  • a CTMU module ( to build capacitive sensors )
  • 2 Serial port
  • 2 SPI/I2C
  • operating voltage from 2 to 3,6V with 5,5V tolerant input

As usual, everything is published as Open Source and Open Hardware. Feel free to build the board and give your opinion.

Kicad files, bootloader and schematic are available on the website.


3 thoughts on “Pinguino 26J50 !!”

  1. If it is to be 3v, then it is definitely a better (and nice too) 8bit Pinguino board!
    I would like to know if is working with USB CDC stack.

    Also, we will have a Pinguino board with 18F26K22/46K22 and MCP2200 (serial bootloader, of course)?

    1. Hi Vasi,
      Yes, CDC works and we use CDC.printf to test all other libraries.

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