PINGUINO32-DIY is ready !!

Pinguino32-DIY is now fully functional. The board is working with its own HID boot loader.
We have now some work to do to incorporate this board in the Pinguino IDE. The job should be done this week and we should propose a new version of the IDE next week-end !!
At this moment,’GENERIC250F128′ works with a 8 Mhz crystal for a finally system frequency of 40 Mhz. The goal is to make it work with the internal oscillator.

All the files can be downloaded on the google code area of the project. Design has been made with KICAD. The compressed file contain:
– KICAD design to build the board
– HID bootloader to be burned to the chip
– a simple application program to be used to test upload with ubw32

This design is published as GPL and you are free to build it, modify it and of course improve it. It is pin to pin compatible with the PIC32MX220F032B wich can be used with the same bootloader.
We are proud to propose this board as ( probably ) the first 32 bits home-made system.
With this board, Pinguino IDE keep is DIY spirit !!

The Development Team……

14 thoughts on “PINGUINO32-DIY is ready !!”

  1. Great work! I’m sure this will be a very popular project.

    Thanks to JP and everyone involved.

  2. Great!

    This is one of the smallest and high performance project ever 🙂

    Thanks JP and Team.

  3. Is posible burn bootloader with arduino or avr isp? Or make make easiest a cheap pickit2

  4. Hello JP,

    could you pls share the files in .zip/or any compatibale format to open in windows?

  5. I cannot find the selection for ‘GENERIC250F128’ in the IDE – am I searching in the wrong place? Would it be possible to use it with another crystal frequency (I just cannot find any 8MHz crystal in my parts box…)?

  6. Excelent job, congratulation.
    Could I use this board with the ADB protocol to connect to a mobile phone? What’s the configuration to choose to compile code in Pinguino IDE? I want to redesign this board adding a H bridge to be used for a basic mobile robot controlled with an Android cell phone.


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