Pinguino X.3 !!

PinguinoX.3 is now available in the download area for both Linux and Windows computer.
With the help of all the users and the developers team, many improvement have been added to make Pinguino a better development environment.
Still in Beta, as usual, but to be improved with your remarks, critics, suggestions…..
Many thanks to the users,
Congratulations to the development team:

  • Regis Blanchot
  • Marcus Fazzi
  • Jesus Carmona Esteban
  • Alfred Broda
  • Yeison Cardona
  • Henk Van Beek
  • Björn Pfeiffer
  • Alexis Sanchez

Download revision 381 on website.

13 thoughts on “Pinguino X.3 !!”

  1. Great job ^__^ , now the IDE looks very very fine !
    Thanks alot to all the crew !

  2. Hello, the IDE is better: that is very good!
    A question:
    If I compile the code ASCIITABLE.pde , (but I have the same result with other PDE files in the dir \examples), the IDE report is:
    error line /PinguinoX.3/working_dir/p8/include/pinguino/core/typedef.h:37
    1: typedef/enum ‘int8_t’ duplicate. Previous definition Ignored
    errore durante la compilazione del fileC:\PinguinoX.3\working_dir\examples4.Communication\ASCIITable\ASCIITable

    Is it a BUG or there is a problem in the w32 installer?


    1. Update
      I have tested with PinguinoX.3 rev399 setup.exe on windows XP and windows 7:
      1) ERROR on vasco
      I have found that many big example incluse in the setup cannot be download on the board (the board has the PIC 18F4550).
      Msg are:
      Pinguino found
      16384 bytes free (16 KB)
      Pinguino bootloader v2.12
      Writing …

      Note1: if I download the same hex files, with the VascoBootloader of the “Pinguino Beta 9-05” then it’s ok!

      Note2: this simple and short program compile OK and download OK:
      // first test with Pinguino
      // test digitalWrite
      #define led 21
      void setup(void)
      pinMode(led,OUTPUT); // test caractères

      void loop(void)

      Finally, after many test, I think that the problem becomes when the code size of the file .hex is big (for example: code size: 21830 / 24575 bytes (88% used)

      2) error on compile on Pinguino 4550

      I have found that now compile ok with many example incluse in the setup, but not for all.
      Example: 24c64.pde after the compile the response
      Msg are:
      File: c:\PinguinoX.3\examples4.Communication\i2c\24c64.pde
      c:\PinguinoX.3\source\/define.h:6:20: fatal error: libI2C.c: No such file or directory
      c:\PinguinoX.3\source\/user.c:19: error 20: Undefined identifier ‘i2c_buffer’
      c:\PinguinoX.3\source\/user.c:19: error 22: Array or pointer required for ‘[]’ operation
      c:\PinguinoX.3\source\/user.c:25: error 101: too many parameters
      c:\PinguinoX.3\source\/user.c:40: error 101: too many parameters
      c:\PinguinoX.3\source\/user.c:41: error 101: too many parameters
      c:\PinguinoX.3\source\/user.c:44: error 20: Undefined identifier ‘i2c_buffer’
      c:\PinguinoX.3\source\/user.c:44: error 22: Array or pointer required for ‘[]’ operation
      errore durante la compilazione del filec:\PinguinoX.3\examples4.Communication\i2c\24c64

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  4. Has anyone got the 3rev399 IDE working on Debian stable (Squeeze) 64 bit ?

    I’m having some problems with it.


    Pinguino started at Sat May 12 11:22:41 2012

    Python version is OK (>=2.5)
    System host is GNU/Linux
    8-bit compiler OK.
    32-bit compiler OK.
    wx.python successfully loaded
    wx.aui successfully loaded
    Regex successfully loaded
    Shutil successfully loaded
    Subprocess successfully loaded
    GetText successfully loaded
    Locale successfully loaded
    WebBrowser successfully loaded
    USB successfully loaded
    Serial successfully loaded
    Threading successfully loaded
    Frames successfully loaded

    ~/stuff/pinguinoX.3rev399$ python

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “”, line 5, in
    from wxgui.pinguino import getOptions, Pinguino, setGui
    File “/home/skelton/stuff/pinguinoX.3rev399/wxgui/”, line 4, in
    import check
    File “/home/skelton/stuff/pinguinoX.3rev399/wxgui/”, line 222, in
    from editor import functionsHelp
    File “/home/skelton/stuff/pinguinoX.3rev399/wxgui/editor/”, line 10, in
    from general import General
    File “/home/skelton/stuff/pinguinoX.3rev399/wxgui/editor/”, line 29, in
    from dic import Snippet, Autocompleter
    File “/home/skelton/stuff/pinguinoX.3rev399/wxgui/editor/”, line 33, in
    if == “posix”: date = “/”.join([t[3], t[1], t[5]])
    IndexError: list index out of range

  5. I have the same problem that fabio but with pic18f2550, i can’t compile any I2C examples, all have errors like this.

    Board: Pinguino 2550
    Proc: 18f2550
    File: C:\PinguinoX.3\examples\10.Libraries\i2c\24c64.pde
    sdcpp.exe: fatal error: when writing output to : Invalid argument
    C:/PinguinoX.3/p8/include/pinguino/core/interrupt.c:210: syntax error: token -> ‘intUsed’ ; column 11
    error while compiling file C:\PinguinoX.3\examples\10.Libraries\i2c\24c64

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