Finally, we designed a new board with a low cost 32 bits PIC. This board will become the generic-PIC32-board in Pinguino. Based on a PIC32MX250F128B, with 128k of flash and 32k of RAM, 17 I/O, 2 UART etc….
The same board can be used with a PIC32MX220F032B, the same chip used on OLIMEX Pinguino-MX220. We are working on the bootloader which should work with the internal oscillator of the chip ( no external crystal on this board ).

This board can be built ‘in a garage’ as usual !! With this new design, Pinguino stay in its original spirit. Kicad files and even a Gcode file to build it with a milling machine should be soon available.

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9 thoughts on “PINGUINO32-DIY”

  1. Great idea, to make a design of a Pinguino based on a SPDIP package PIC32. I just asked for a sample of PIC32MX220F032B to build one when it be published

    ¿Hasn´t it a quarzt oscillator? ¿Does it mean than it run at 8 MHz instead of 40MHz?

    Bye, excuse my poor english

  2. Hi Miguel

    I try to make it work with the internal RFCPLL. It should work at 80 Mhz and support low speed USB.
    Another design incorporate a 8 Mhz crystal……
    Kicad files should be available this week end.


  3. Well, it looks like you read my mind!
    I was actually going to ask you about that possibility, using one of the low end PIC32 in DIP format.
    Keep up the good work.
    I’ll be waiting eagerly for the cad and hex files.

  4. Pinguino stay in its original spirit.
    Actually, is “Pinguino back on the original track” 🙂 . I would say your dream come true: a DIY board for everyone and a PIC32 open source development environment!
    Great little board, congratulations (very good that there is also a variant with 8MHz crystal)!


  5. Hi JP,

    Could also provide the pic18f26j50 DIY board circuit diagram?
    I am interested to build that one than Pic32, as I have only pickit2 as of now 🙁

    best regards

  6. Hi,

    great news!! I order my samples 250F128 and 230F032 too!, now I waiting for bootloader 🙂

  7. HI JeanPierre.
    Really nice news!! Was waiting for it since few month when i discovered these marvellous chips from Microchip!!
    However, still have a question: How to burn the bootloader in the pic ?? Indeed, this pic doesn’t seems to be programmable with JDM programmers or even pickit2 ! Any clues?


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