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    something is wrong, even blink LED does not work, the bootloader says erase, program, restart all ok but no luck getting anything to work at all.

    1. Did you select the right board in the preferences menu ? What pde file did you try ? Just try to use the examples/1.Basics/Blink/Blink.pde to blink the onboard led.

  2. Hello, I am a new bie here. I have PIC32-PINGUINO-MX220 and I want to know more about it, because I cannot find some manual or datasheet.
    How many digital inputs/outputs has, can it power and programming through micro USB and can be connected through UEXT connector with some ethernet modul?
    Thanks a lot.

    1. Hi

      The best place to learn about Pinguino is the wiki. Of course, you can connect an ethernet module to the UEXT connector. The library for MOD-ECN28J60 is still under development.

    1. If you really want to, I guess it should be possible to use Eclipse. But if you want to go outside the Pinguino IDE for the MX220, I suggest you look at MPLAB IDE X from Microchip.

      AFAIK, MPLAB X is based on NetBeans, so shouldn’t be in a totally different galaxy, use wise, to Eclipse

    2. Why not?
      Set up eclipse and codesourcery toolchain for ARM,
      then use the import function of eclipse to import a make
      based project for the MX220.

  3. Hi,
    I have tried the latest IDE with the MX220 which works with the basic examples ok. However, when trying to compile the examples in the Library folder I am having no joy. The examples contain no #include instructions and when I add it in it still fails to compile. Any ideas would be gratefully received.

  4. I’m new to Pinguino so my question may be kind of stupid, so I apologise right from the beginning.
    I recently acquired PIC32-PINGUINO-OTG and I’ve downloaded PinguinoX.2 rev305 setup.exe. I installed it successfuly but i can’t find the debug option in Preferences… Does this version not include a debugger? If not, can anyone please suggest me an alternative. I need Pinguino IDE to run in Windows and I really need the debugger too…

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