One more time !! PinguinoVE

I like to hear about the Pinguino community…. And the Venezuelian community of Pinguino is still very active. PinguinoVE has been created at the beginning of this project, using Pinguino to teach home made digital electronic. All the guys working on this project are proud to see what Pinguino is used for and I like to present again this great team.

The last event where PinguinoVE was presented in Venezuela is the national congress of free software. During 3 months, in 11 cities, the PinguinoVE team insured presentation and workshop. More than 30 people for each workshop and 400 people for each presentation. The main question was ‘What is Pinguino ?’ and how can it be used to expand knowledge. The audience was composed of university students,teachers, geeks, government representatives.

And, as usual, Richard Stallman was there.

PinguinoVE website is the main place to see the work of this community.
More photos here.

Thanks Alexis, Jhuliana, Joan and all the team !!
We keep in touch…..

5 thoughts on “One more time !! PinguinoVE”

  1. Thank you very much mr. Jean Pierre !!

    Yes … we are here “one more time” =) working with free software and hardware, for a free society

    Ceasar, the imperator said: “it divides and you will win” …
    But our Bolívar, THE Libertator said: “in the union it is the force”.

    We will stay together =) working with you and all the pinguino international community, because in the free knowledge all we will be stronger

  2. months ago, i couldn’t stand the idea of use of board with a minimun system for build projects or activities with microcontrollers,because the heart of electronic es make circuits, do it test, and play with the functions specific of each device; but my friends showed me the meaning
    of this movement of free hardware, it focus en develop or search a solution of some problem without desing o make some, just program, use it and have fun. Nowadays i’m learning how use to Pinguino, and hope colaborate with this movement.


  3. Hi Phillip,
    As we said on Google+, this project has always intended to be open source and open hardware.
    You can already get some Kicad files to build our 8-bit Pinguino (based on PIC18F2550 or PIC18F4550) and, as Tsvetan (Olimex) said, everybody will be able to get 32-bit Pinguino eagles files at the beginning of the week.
    If you want more info on Pinguino, I will gladly answer to your questions.
    Best regards,
    Régis Blanchot

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