Pinguino Contest is Open

Hi Guys,

Pinguino contest is open !!

This contest was initiated by ARDE and Boops.

We are pleased to announce that Microchip is sponsoring this contest. So, if you want to be the winner, you need now to fill in the form to join all the competitors.

What can you win ?

First prize: the best !!

PicKit3 programmer
Pinguino 2550 ARDE on a breadboard
GPS development board

3 blank 18F4550

Second prize the best optimisation !!

Pinguino 2550 ARDE

Solar cell 5V 250 mAH
3 blank 18F4550
3 blank 18F2550

Third prize: Special prize of the jury !!

Pinguino 2550 ARDE

3 blank 18F2550

Everybody can join us for this challenge. More info will be published soon on
For spanish translation and complete rules of the contest, please visit this link.

Have fun !!