Pinguino as a self replicating device !!

Self Replicating Pinguino on a breadboard

Hi Guys,

Self Replication
Self-replication is any process by which a thing will make a copy of itself

Now this is a property of Pinguino. This code allows you to copy the bootloader of your Pinguino in a new blank ( or not ) chip.
I tried it with a 18F2550, i don’t know if it works with a 18F4550 but it should works.

What do you need ?
– 3 transistors
– 2 LED
– some resistors
– an external 12Vcc power supply. ( 12Vcc from the computer is OK )

I think i will update this code later to use Pinguino as a real PIC18 programmer.

How many Pinguino child will you build ?


Link to the schematic
Link to the .Pde file

5 thoughts on “Pinguino as a self replicating device !!”

  1. Wow! This is great, it ensure the easy spreading of Pinguino. Like a disease (kidding)!
    Great job Jean-Pierre, thank you!


  2. can you try use a 9V battery asv vpp?, i dont have other pic18f2550 around but i'll get one just to test 🙂

  3. @Vasile
    you are welcome
    Datasheet say that VPP Min value is Vcc+4V, so a 9V battery should works.
    Maybe you could test with a 18F4550 if you have one.

  4. Wow, a RepProg!

    Now the same with an ATmega, please, to include it in the RepRap project!

  5. Hi all
    looks to me that there is an error in the pde file.
    Indeed, after the while loop block for bootloader reading/writing there is a for loop which is:
    for (i=0;i<48;i+=3) send_command(startwrite[i],startwrite[i+1],startwrite[i+2]);
    but startwrite is defined only from 0 to 24… or is it by purpose ?

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