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Hi Guys,

Today i received a lot of good news from Joan Espinosa. This Venezuelian guy is very active and work around Free software, Free hardware and of course Pinguino. Do you remember that Joan initiated the first version of the multi-langage IDE ?
Now Joan and his team have a lot of projects around Pinguino. They are testing a .deb package and i will give you the link when it will be ready for testing.
PinguinoVE has now its own website:
And this is his Picasa album where you can see the team PinguinoVE:

Nice to have news of you Joan, tell us when this Deb package is ready !!

2 thoughts on “NEWS from PinguinoVE”

  1. Thank you very much Jean Pierre, but these profits would not have been possible without the collaborative work and the effort of so many members of the Ping├╝inoVE community.

    Thanks to you, and to all the friends that from Venezuela are making the development of the SL and the HL-VE possible ­čÖé

    Joan Espinoza – Ping├╝inoVE

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