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We made 100 Pinguino 26j50 Kits.
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Campus Party Workshop

Hi Guys

Pinguino workshop is more and more active. We are working on communication with sensors with Pinguino32. Infra-red communication is OK, we can now transmit messages with an infra-red led and receive them with a TSOP module. We are going to share the code today on the blog.
Today is our last session, we prepared some code to connect Pinguino32 each other, with IR, Zigbee module and finally, the communication activity will be monitored through a Linksys router with OpenWRT. Benoit is working on a graphical application with processing to display the communication activity.

As usual, Boops is working hard, day and night……….

Campus Party Valencia

As usual, Campus Party is a great event !!
After a quick presentation of Pinguino, we started a “network with sensors” workshop. The goal is to establish communication with sensors beetween PIC32-PINGUINO boards. Light, laser, zigbee, serial and interfacing with a WRT54GL for link with the net.
Fortunately, Boops is with us. He designed a shield for Pinguino 32 with 4 IR LED as transmitter and 2 IR Demodulator as receiver.

As Pinguino IDE is still an experimental version, the first day has been devoted to installation ( windows and Linux ). The second day, we started to test IR transmission and reception. Today, we will design our ‘sensor network’ and establish a common protocol.
Benoit is writing a processing application to monitor communication of modules.

Campus Party is a good way to speak about this project, exchange idea, share knowledge and more……
Now I must go to listen and Android application developement presentation. Yet another interesting subject for Pinguino !!

Happy new year 2011 !!

Hi Guys,

2010 was a very good year for Pinguino and it’s a pleasure to see how this project evolve. I remember the first version, it is not so far, and I am pleased to see that the beta 9-05, even if it is not perfect, is a working version and help to build many different things. This job was done with many contributions, reports and ideas. Each user, in its own way, is a contributor and help to make this tool more friendly and powerful.
I announced, a long time ago, Pinguino could be ported to 32 bits Microchip micro-controller, and now it’s done. This feature don’t stop the 8 bits development, but it’s a new major improvement for this platform. I think 2011 should be again a good year for Pinguino.
Many thanks to you, guys.
I wish you a fantastic year, keep cool and stay connected with us…..
And if you are a new user, Welcome !!

PinguinoX Preview

Pinguino PIC32

Now development is really started on PIC32. We are working with the UBW32 board and Brian ( designer of this board ) like the idea of Pinguino with his UBW32 board.
This board is cheap and can be purchased on the net.
We are developing some libraries to release Pinguino with PIC32 support. At the beginning, only digital I/O and serial will be implemented, some peripheral libraries will be easy to port ( servo, LCD ).