XC8 and Pinguino 16F1459 preview

The next release of the Pinguino IDE supports the XC8 compiler.
It is now possible to use either SDCC or XC8 for all your 8-bit projects.
The Microchip’s compiler supports both PIC18F and PIC16F family so I also added PIC16F1459 support to the Pinguino IDE.
This little 20-pin chip is one of the most powerful CPU of the 16F family, with among others, a full-speed USB module and the ability to run it from its very stable internal oscillator.
Here is a video showing this chip, featured with the very last version of the Pinguino USB bootloader (only 1280 bytes, giving 6912 bytes free for little projects), driving 3 MAX7219 display drivers and their attached 8×8 Led-Matrix. I used Pinguino LedControl and SPI libraries to scroll the text.

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Pinguino IDE v12 + #Pinguino #16F1459

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New Pinguino 45K50 !

The Pinguino 45K50 is now available as a Kit in the Pinguino Shop for 9.90 € (inc. VAT).

P45K50-03aThis new Pinguino is based on the PIC18F45K50 which is pin to pin comparable with the older 4550 serie, and is also capable of running at 5V. It also features a USB precision integrated oscillator, enabling you to build USB projects without the need of any external oscillator, and a CTMU unit for measurement applications.

The Pinguino 45K50 is also very easy to build as it needs only few components (4 resistors, 3 capacitors, 2 LEDs, 1 reset button and 1 USB connector) to work.

The PCB has been designed to be upgradeable. If you need it, you can add a 5V regulator to feed the board from an external power supply. It’s also possible to add an external crystal. In this case, note that the PCB is fully compatible with the PIC18F4550 so you can easily turn your Pinguino 45K50 to a Pinguino 4550.

The Pinguino 45K50 comes pre-programmed with a USB bootloader, so you won’t even need a programmer to use it. You only need a USB cable and a computer (PC or Raspberry Pi).

More info. and building instructions are available on the Pinguino Wiki.

Enjoy !