Support for PIC32-PINGUINO-MX220

Hi Guys

PinguinoX.2 revision 290 is now online with support for the PIC32-PINGUINO-MX220. Many of those boards were distributed free of charge during Embedded World 2012. We would really appreciate it if you would give us some feedback, this is very important for the future development of this version.



Pinguino32X windows

Hi Guys

Now Pinguino32X is available for windows. We worked on a lot of improvement for this release. most of the extended functions for 8 bits systems are documented on the pinguino wiki ( ). For 32 bits Pinguino, this first version support our Pinguino32 compiler built from GCC4.5.2 and newlib.

You can download Pinguino32X windows here.

For 32 bits boards, our 32 bits compiler can be downloaded here.

Most of the code already existing for 8 bit Pinguino can be used on 32 bits ( Serial, CDC, I/O, analog etc… ) with much more power of course ( Pinguino32 is a 80 MIPS machine !! ).

We are waiting your opinion on this new release.

Have fun

Pinguino beta 9-05 is online !!

Hi guys,

Pinguino beta 9-05 is now available for download. You can download this release on Hackinglab website.
As usual, a lot of improvements were made in this beta, this is the changelog:
– new icons set (regino and miniregino)
– themes management
– new functions (Save/Save as, getCodeSize, …)
– config. file (file history, last window position and size)
– regression test shell for the example folder ( only for linux )
Libraries :
– stdlib.c (light printf implementation)
– serial.c (added Serial.printf function)
– pwm.c (added new functions PWM.setfrequency, PWM.setdutycycle and PWM.setpercentdutycycle)
– sound.c (functions Sound and Play)
– 1wire.c (1wire.reset, 1wire.readbit, 1wire.writebit, 1wire.readbyte and 1wire.writebyte)
– 18b20.c (DS18B20.Read, DS18B20.MatchRom, DS18B20.ReadRom, DS18B20.Configure, DS18B20.Find, DS18B20.GetFirst, DS18B20.GetNext and DS18B20.crc)
Examples :
– serial/serialprintf.pde
– serial/getkey.pde
– pwm/sound/mysound.pde + picture
– 1wire/18B20/temp18b20.pde + + pictures

Many thanks to the developers of this release:
Regis ( Paintitblack ),
Marcus ( Annunakin ).

The beta testers helped a lot to find bugs:
Walter ( Walterleonardo ),

Remember that the pinguino road map is still online. You can write in this document everything you think useful for Pinguino. We use this paper to work on the next version.

The next version will be ‘Pinguino32X‘. We are currently working on this major release with PIC32 support.

Have fun, a nice Christmas ( too late !! ) and a happy new year !! ( too soon 🙂

Pinguino and Windows 7

After a lot of problem with windows 7, i decided to package a new version compatible with this OS.
This is the 9-03 version of Pinguino. What is new in this version ?

  • some minor bugs were fixed ( locale and preprocessor )
  • Windows version uses the original python uploader

A complete tutorial, on the tutorial website explain how to install properly pinguino on windows 7.

Pinguino beta 9-03 is in the download area.